PvP Tooltip DPS calculator by Markusz

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Damage per use (min - max):
Fire: - penetration:
Cold: - penetration:
Lightning: - penetration:
Physical: -
Chaos: -
Uses per second: or use time:
OVERRIDE use time: for the formula (check here if you need this)
Critical strike chance: Critical strike multiplier:
Accuracy rating: (empty = always hits)
Other MORE / LESS multipliers*:
Hits per use:
*Only modifiers that are NOT displayed in the flat values above, such as Flameblast stage multiplier,
Far shot node from ascendancy passive, Opponent is shocked, Opponent has fortify etc
PvP multipliers*:
*IF your skill has a separate PvP reduction mentioned in this post you have to enter it in this field

Opponent's stats:
Evasion Rating: Armour:
Reduced extra damage from critical strikes:

Raw original dps:
(4000 monster evasion is assumed if you entered accuracy value)
Total combined PvP DPS:
Damage per hit in PvP Non-critical hit Critical hit
Average combined damage:
Average fire damage:
Average cold damage:
Average lightning damage:
Average physical damage:
Average chaos damage:
Minimum combined damage:
Minimum fire damage:
Minimum cold damage:
Minimum lightning damage:
Minimum physical damage:
Minimum chaos damage:
Maximum combined damage:
Maximum fire damage:
Maximum cold damage:
Maximum lightning damage:
Maximum physical damage:
Maximum chaos damage:
Most recent formula version 3.8 or newer
Formula version 3.4 - 3.7
Formula version 3.3 and before
For inputs use the numbers you see ingame on the Character panel under offense (don't use PoB values because those numbers already include penetration) as shown in the visual guide at the top
The calculator is always accurate for simple single hitting skills like Heavy Strike, Split Arrow, Ice nova etc. For skills that deal multiple hits per one attack/cast like Blast Rain, Firestorm, Volatile dead you have to use your brain, figure out how many times it hits per cast/attack and enter it in the "Hits per use" box.
Uses per second is the inverse of use time, for example if you attack 2 times per second, 2 will be the uses per second, and the use time is 0.5 (aka T value), it is enough to enter only one of them. but you have to at least fill in one, and one damage bracket at the top to get a result at the bottom.